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Bal Kalyan Sanstha Pune, founded in 1979, is a Recreational and Cultural Centre for disabled children in the state of Maharashtra, India.

The Sanstha - Three buildings, orange, with cream rooms surrounded by palm trees and other vegetation.

If you were to visit Bal Kalyan today you would no doubt find it buzzing with activity. Children participating in music classes, playing competitive sports on the sprawling green playgrounds, or perhaps swimming in the pool. Its popularity has grown over the years and now Bal Kalyan is an important part of the disability community. Under the guidance of a loving staff of specialized teachers and instructors, disabled children gain self-confidence and discover their own hidden talents.

It began its journey during a time when educating disabled children was important, but the recreational needs were not being met due to lack of funds and space. Government officials, social workers, and teachers worked together in order to get the Sanstha up and running. Today 1200 to 1500 children attend the center weekly from areas in and around Pune.